Everyone understands that competent planning and uniform execution of tasks is the most optimal option, which helps to finish work calmly and on time. However, what if there is very little time left before the deadline, and the amount of work is objectively too large? Collected in one article surprisingly simple and effective advice. Assess […]

The main task of the designer is to shape the product in such a way that it is not only beautiful but also convenient. Good design should: Meet the consumer’s needs. Solve a specific problem. Each detail should fulfill its function, and not just be present. Be catchy. This is what builds brand awareness and, […]


The most reliable way to get a high-quality working site is to hire specialists who will help make the resource the way you imagine it. This method does not require knowledge of programming, design, and other skills. It is enough to hire a team of specialists who will make a stylish site. The advantages of […]


Wonder Union has prepared some tips for you to create your own website. But it’s vital to remember that the main thing is not the fact of having a website, but its thoughtfulness and effectiveness. Therefore, it all starts with an idea, and ends with a clear plan of promotion and attracting customers. But first […]

B2B Vs B2C

What is the difference between b2b and b2c B2B focuses on potential partners in entrepreneurship, B2C – on the end consumer, i.e. the buyer. For B2B, this can be a press release, a short presentation or a large expanded commercial offer, for B2C – any advertising information: discounts, special offers, news about new products, etc. […]

UX Design Steps

Examine users First of all, you need to understand for whom exactly you are designing. There are many methods to get information about your users. Combine quantitative and qualitative analytics and reviews. Only by understanding the goals, needs, and desires of your users, you can create an effective design for them. Create a visitor profile […]

Websites VS Apps

Given the new requirements that Google puts forward to all sites without exception (we are talking about adapting the site for mobile devices)