Any developer at the start of his career or a person who is fond of IT-direction, at some point, may face the problem: “Which programming language to learn first?” Unfortunately, no single answer to this question has yet been found for everyone, but there are several practical recommendations. They will help beginners in this area quickly decide and start learning the most suitable programming language.


Whoever says anything about JavaScript, but it was and remains the ideal language to start programming:

  • you just need a browser or its engine like V8 to work,
  • can be mastered in a week.

This is the most used language according to statistics on StackOverflow – JavaScript can be connected to any website on the Internet, and most importantly, a huge community where you can find a solution to any problem.


It is a universal language for everything from school problems to working with neural networks. If you need to solve a problem, then, most likely, you already have your framework for Python or ready-made code for this. No wonder the site PYPL, which measures the popularity of programming languages, put it in the first place.

Those who are just starting to learn programming, like Python for its transparency, coding logic, and flexibility. Add the demand for these specialists in the labor market to these factors, and you’ll have an excellent choice to start.


Golang is a relatively new language, but it has already gained popularity. It’s all about two things: compilation and multithreading. You end up with one ready-made file that can be run on any computer with this operating system. For example, if you are on Windows and you have compiled a Go file, you can run it on any Windows machine. It’s the same with macOS and Linux.

As for multithreading, Go has go-routines – special subroutines that run only when needed, work in parallel, without interfering with each other, and end immediately after completing their task, freeing resources for other routines. An ideal solution for organizing a server part that works under heavy loads.

Where to start learning programming languages

In addition to defining the IT direction in which you will develop as a programmer, and analyzing which programming language to learn, you need to put specific basic things in your brain. Algorithmics is a useful must-have skill that will help sort knowledge into shelves. It is a fairly common practice among employers during interviews to ask questions about these algorithms, so this skill will be really useful for getting the desired position.