The cloud service is a virtual platform for storing and processing information. Access to the Internet is the only condition for effective work in the “cloud”, the location of the user and the power of the devices used by him does not matter. The provider provides its servers, communication channels, and technical support.

Cloud services can be divided into the following 3 categories.

  1. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service. Here the provider rents out the following services: servers, data storage, OP. In order not to buy expensive hardware, software, and data centers, the client leases the necessary resources. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are companies in this sector.
  1. PaaS is Platform as a Service. It also consists of a remote infrastructure that includes an additional set of services, such as software for creating applications. This includes Google App Engine as an example.
  2. SaaS is a software as a service. This includes applications that run through remote servers. By the way, most of us use such applications every day – these are Dropbox and Google Docs. This means that now there is no need to buy programs in the store, having high-speed Internet, the software can be downloaded through the cloud service.

More than half of the world’s cloud service infrastructure is owned by four technology giants –, Microsoft, IBM, and Alphabet Inc. (behind this name is Google). There are such notable niche players as Alibaba, Century Link, Salesforce, Rackspace, Oracle, NTT, Hewelett Packard Enterprise, and VMware.

In the IT market, there is a trend towards asset concentration, and the cloud service industry is no exception. Many companies base their development plans on strategic acquisitions. A prime example was the largest deal in high-tech history: the merger of Dell and EMC Corporation. Investors tend to react positively to large-scale M&A deals, hoping that new products, geographic diversification of the business, and expansion of the client base will significantly improve the company’s financial results.

To buy shares of the leaders in the cloud technology industry, you need to contact Russian agents who have access to the US market or open an account directly with a US broker. The shares of such companies are quite expensive: one lot of securities on the New York Stock Exchange will cost a trader $ 8,000 (excluding broker commissions). Under certain conditions, you can buy only a part of the lot, for example, if there is a seller of an incomplete lot or a broker combines orders from several participants. Another economical option is to buy a call option.


At the beginning of the year, the global cybersecurity market surpassed $ 10 billion in revenue, and a third of that amount belongs to network security, which is the largest segment of the global market.

And by 2023, the size of the global cybersecurity market is expected to grow to $ 248.26 billion per year, which is a 500% growth over the remaining few years.

In 2 years, it is expected that global corporations will spend almost $ 250 billion on their cybersecurity every year, which is almost 500% growth from current levels.